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Weaving Level: Beginner  

Designed by: Jennifer Rhodes

Finished Dimensions: 9x5x8 high


This basket was created to solve the increasing problem of mail and paper in our home.  I made three to be able to sort and have a location to put everything.  Now nothing gets lost in the “paper shuffle” and everyone can find what they are looking for.  Also great for keys, sunglasses and everything you need on the way out of the door.

The Mail Basket


Material List

Ό” flat (weavers-locking row)
½” flat (stakes)
3/8” flat dyed and natural (weavers)
1/3” flat oval (rim)
3/16” flat or flat oval (lashing)
10” leather bushel handle

Soak materials before using;
soak dyed materials separately
DO NOT soak seagrass



  • Cut 9 stakes 23” from ½” flat reed.
  • Cut 3 stakes 28” from ½” flat.
  • Cut 2 filler stakes 14” from ½” flat.

Find bad side of reed and mark middle of stake.
·         Layout base – three 28” stakes with 14” filler in between horizontally.
Weave in vertical 23” stakes beginning in the middle and starting over the first stake.  Weave in remaining 23” stakes.  True base to 2 ½” x 8”.
Weave a locking row with Ό flat reed around base.  Upset stakes.       


Weave the following:

  • 11 rows of 3/8” flat reed (make sure your first row is in front of the middle stake on the long side of the basket.

  • 4 rows of 3/8” flat dyed reed.
  • 4 rows of 3/8” flat reed (last row is the rim row).  Slip on the leather handle on the last row of weaving and line it up on the third stake from the right and left (there will be three stakes in between).



  • Cut your inside spokes and tuck the outside spokes under two rows of weaving.
    Rim with ½ flat oval. 
  • Insert seagrass and lash with 3/16 flat oval or flat reed.


Stain, finish and sign as desired. 


All materials needed for this basket are available from www.basketweavingsupplies.com